Palm Beach Chic Pt. 1

I have a lot to catch up on in my blogging world, I have been busy with a lot going on and a lot of school work. So that this post doesn’t get too overwhelming it’s going to be in 3 parts.

I am a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants student chapter at UCF. As you have seen I try to attend the ABC meetings monthly, but for November the monthly meeting was their National Conference! I had the opportunity to volunteer for the conference which was in Palm Beach this year.

I woke up bright and early Sunday morning to drive down and arrive at 10 A.M. The other volunteers from UCF (Gabriella, and Mariana) and I got to work with some of the floral arrangements for that evenings event. We took pieces of hydrangeas and placed them in glass containers filled with water beads. We did the same thing with roses, something new I learned about handling roses is if you blow on the center and use your fingertips to gently press the center you get a beautiful open rose look.





After we finished with those flowers we helped cut roses and gently fold the rose petals back for the floral arraignment by the banquet doors for that evening. Gently folding back the roses petals until there is a little bulb left in the middle gives the roses a completely different look! It was beautiful! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of those.

Next we headed over to the convention center and started working on placing menu cards in the napkins for Tuesday’s breakfast. The inspiration for the set up was Lily Pulitzer. I really liked the pattern and colour combination of the design for this breakfast created by Mercedes Dos Santos at MeKaSo Creations.





After finishing the napkins we guarded doors, directed people to the next area and stayed busy. That night was the White Party! By the afternoon two of the volunteer had to head back to Orlando and it was Alanna, Christine and myself left. After we guarded the doors to the White Party so no one could sneak in early, we got to enjoy the party for ourselves!


In the waiting area they had a Florida Postcard photo set up with a live model inside!



They had live models inside as well.


The room was lit in blue (which my camera didn’t capture) but it looked amazing! There was a beautiful bar set up by Mark Kingsdorf with Just Bars, which had our floral arrangement put together earlier that day, set up on the bar.



Here are some of the photos taken from the ABC Facebook. Photos are by BGPictures.



The Dj’s control board was a touchscreen! The Dj could write a message and have the screen flip it around for us to see! It was very cool.


Sunday night’s White Party was the perfect opportunity for me to network with people from all over the nation, I graduate soon and who knows where I will end up! I met some great people!

Photo credit to Allen from Allen Jay Images.

Have you ever been to an ABC meeting or annual conference?

– K


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