Palm Beach Chic Pt. 2

Monday we woke up bright and early to start working. First thing we had to do was to welcome people as they came for breakfast. After this we got to sit in on a general session for a bit until set up for lunch began, then we guarded the doors of the general session and guided people to leave out the back, not out the side where lunch was being set up.

There were two seatings for lunch so we welcomed the attendees and took their lunch tickets to make sure they were in the first seating. After everyone was seated we were able to go in as well to eat lunch.









After guarding and taking tickets for the second lunch seating, Nickaletta and I were able to attend the general session with Matthew Robins.

His presentation was on inspiration, and it was very inspirational. Matthew’s work is amazing! He showed us things he was inspired by and how he made his inspiration and vision come to life.

After this, we spent the rest of the day getting things ready for the third days breakfast and lunch.



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