Essential Oils & Home Remedies

First off, I am not a vet, I didn’t not consult a vet, I just did some research on the internet!

Another Warning: tea tree oil when not diluted properly is very toxic for cats and dogs!

Henry is very allergic to fleas and has been itching a lot lately, his poor tail is all bald now. My friend Jess makes her own soap and has gotten me into essential oils and their natural alternative to medicine. I looked up which oils works best for getting rid or and repelling fleas, so I bought lemongrass and tea tree oil at a local market.

To get rid of the fleas I bathed Hen with a soap mixture, making sure to dilute the tea tree oil enough to not be toxic!
Natural Flea Shampoo:
1 Bottle Johnson & Johnson lavender baby shampo
1 Drop Tea Tree Oil
2 Drops Lemongrass Oil

Make sure to mix the oils into the soap (shake it) so that the oils aren’t just sitting on top.

This mixture made Henry smell amazing! He smells so good! During the bath about 15 fleas came off!! I picked another 5 off him the next day but that’s all I found. He is still a bit itchy but it’s only been 2 days so I’m going to bathe him again this weekend. I’m hoping all the fleas will be gone within 2 weeks.

Henry has also been suffering from an ear infection, I went to the internet to find another cure using essential oils.
Natural Ear Infection Cure:
2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
2 Drops Tea Tree Oil

Place two drops in the ear canal and rub the ear.

Within 24 hours the gunk in Henry’s ears has gone away and the ear infection smell has almost gone away. I did the treatment again tonight hoping that by tomorrow it will be completely gone!

These are just treatments that I have been trying out and from first impressions seem to be working!

Next thing is to conquer his stinky breath 😜

How do you treat your pets without going to the vet?

– K