The Rent, The Hunt & The Wardrobe

There has been a lot going on lately! Our landlord put our house up for sale and while we have 30 days after it sells to move out, Maria and I decided it would be best for us to start looking for a new house to be prepared. Once we started looking, we quickly realized that rental properties in College Park go quickly! We had a conversation with our landlords and decided we would move out as soon as we found a place instead of waiting for the current house to sell.

So still on the hunt for rental properties we looked at a good number of houses. One right around the corner from our current house was a good size and price but the wall colours were a little obnoxious, one room was light pink, the others were bright red, brown, and orange.

The biggest issues we came across were space, because we have a lot of furniture, and price. another house we looked at was really cute and in our price range with water, pest, and lawn included. It had a lot of pros and one considerable con……….one bedroom didn’t have a closet!!!

We walked through the house on Friday and Maria had to go straight to work so we didn’t have time to talk about it until Sunday, at which point we decided the closet wasn’t an issue, we would substitute a wardrobe. Like I said houses rent fast in College Park and by the time I called on Sunday, someone had already put in an application and paid the deposit. 😦 The landlord Marie said she would let us know if anything fell through. I figured that chances of this happening were slim, so I was bummed but we kept looking.

Wednesday I got a call from Marie saying something happened and that the house had become available! Maria and I asked to walk through it again to refresh our memories and set up a walk though the next day. After walking through the house again and talking things over, Maria and I decided to put in an application that same day and it got approved! So we are officially moving on the 1st (since I’ll be in Boston next weekend)!

And now for the fun part pictures of the new place!
















Stay tuned for a post move in post to see how we make this house our own!